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January 05, 2007


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Great little blurb! I noticed them too, of course. How could you miss them? I think they're a woman's Rolex. Only better!


I also like Michelle Obama great big white strand.. real? fake? does anyone know? They suit her very well!


The launching of the Natural Pearl jewelry line is a testament to the strength and revival of Natural Pearls in the Jewelry industry.

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Dedicated to pearl lovers everywhere, the Pearl Society disseminates information about pearls and their habitats, their history, culture, and their eternal, magical appeal. The society was founded by Eve: an internationally-known artist, designer, metalsmith, and owner of The Eve J. Alfillé Gallery & Studio in Evanston, IL.
The Pearl Society meets approximately bimonthly and issues a printed bulletin. Membership is $25 a year.
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