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The Pearl Society meets approximately bimonthly and issues a printed bulletin. Membership is $35 a year.


Dedicated to pearl lovers everywhere, The Pearl Society disseminates information about pearls and their habitats, their history, culture and eternal, magical appeal.

The Pearl Society was my brainchild...As an artist, designer and metalsmith, and owner of The Eve J. Alfillé Gallery & Studio ( ), I founded it in 1990 with the first meeting held in January 1991. The Pearl Society was a direct result of my frustration over the lack of knowledge about pearls, especially when compared to the diamond industry's efforts to educate the public about the 4 C's of diamonds.

I struggled to explain about the different types of pearls, their habitats, farming techniques, and lore, to pass out tidbits of knowledge about the vast and varied realms of the deep, about shallow waterways in the Yang Tse Delta, about ponds in Tennessee, the deep formerly azure waters of the Persian Gulf, replete oysters wintering on lush beds by the Great Barrier Reef, coves in Indonesia, and more, as I delved into the then hard-to-find information on the real world of pearls of the period. Let there be light, I thought...and established the Society without thought of profit, but to acquire and share information.